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Wine Red classic Oxfords

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Good shoes take you good places... Hence, its highly important to get a pair that not only looks great, but, feels great too! We are currently using Asian sizing for our footwear. To get the best possible fit, we suggest:

STEP 1 - Measure length of your foot

First, lean the back of your foot against a wall on level ground. Next, measure the distance from point A to B.

STEP 2 - Select your size

Refer to the size conversion chart below and select the Asia size closest to the length of your feet.

34 21.9 / 8 5/8"
35 22.3 / 8 3/4"
36 23 / 9 1/16"
37 23.7 / 9 5/16"
38 24.3 / 9 9/16"
39 25 / 9 13/16"
40 25.7 / 10 1/8"
41 26.3 / 10 3/8"


Convert using the standard size formats below and select the corresponding Asia size:

34 4.5
35 5
36 6
37 7
38 7.5
39 8.5
40 9
41 10
  • VAJOR uses Asian size for its footwear collection.
  • If both sides of your feet are different in length, we recommend that you select the shoe size based on the longer side.
  • The current recommended size chart does not include half size recommendations. We suggest that you select the shoe size based on the length closest to your feet measurement.
  • Note that Foot Length is not equivalent to the length of the shoes.
  • Note that the comfort of a shoe is affected by a combination of factors such as size, cutting and heel height etc. Eg. Shoes with the same size but different cutting may not give the wearer the same level of comfort.
  • Note that the above information are recommended guidelines to get your best possible fit for VAJOR footwear collections only.

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` 3,350


Made From Faux Leather Tie On Lace Matt Finish Closed Toe
Made From Faux Leather Tie On Lace Matt Finish Closed Toe

Make it your #OOTD

We love trendy shoes as much as the next girl, but at the end of the day classic styles are what you should really spend your money on. These wine red oxfords are more of an investment! You will be styling these for your work attire, for a movie dte, for a dinner party... Trust us when we tell you, you can not stop wearing these! A perfect outfit will be these oxfords teamed up with a cherry red collared dress and a slick back bun at the nape of your neck.

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