A vajor store is now blossoming in these citiesVisit us for a modern bohemian experience now

  • Pune - The Pavillion

    Our very first retail store in Pune welcomes you to a modern bohemian world of Clothing, Accessories & Decor with a lively flavor indigenous to this city... Walk into a world of earthy charm infused with an effortless shopping experience.

  • Chennai - Palladium

    Bringing its modern bohemian presence to the fresh and green life of Chennai city, Vajor store houses the Clothing, Accessories & Decor that will beautifully interlace with the charming and relaxed vibe of the city.

  • Delhi - Ambience, Vasant Kunj

    Bringing its modern bohemian presence to the fresh and green life of Delhi city, Vajor store houses the Clothing, Accessories & Decor that will beautifully interlace with the charming and relaxed vibe of the city.

  • Bengaluru - 100 ft Road, Indiranagar

    Bengaluru, the city that lives to the fullest and loves to the fullest (especially animals), now has a new address for their fashion & lifestyle needs. Vajor, a modern bohemian brand opens doors to its store that houses effortless and meaningful clothing, accessories and decor. Drop by today and experience the world of Vajor today.


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Online Shopping for Women – VAJOR

Women Clothing Online

It’s every woman’s desire to shop for outfits and looks that make her look the most flattering. Whether its women jumpsuits, women shirts & tops, women pants, women skirts or women kaftans, all of us get spoilt for choices most of the times. And the task of going through multiple sites and brands to get that perfect outfit seems quite difficult. At Vajor, we provide you with the best of options and choices for any and every occasion. Be it a nice get-together with friends, a dinner date with someone close, something to fulfil your workwear needs, or an outfit for that special occasion or event, you’ll find and end up purchasing the best of everything that you have been looking for all under one roof. With a new collection coming out almost every month, you won't have to worry about repeating the same old outfits ever again! As seasonal as fashion can be, here you are sure to find styles and trendy outfits that are a rage in the fashion industry. The attires and styles are designed keeping mind the boho, free-spirited individual who likes to dress well for herself. The silhouettes are not only body-friendly complimenting and flattering that every body type but also ooze out chic and class at the same time. From attires that you can easily don on a beachy vacation, to something that is much more crisp and demands a place in your workwear wardrobe, the options that you will find here, will be endless. Add a touch of colour, a hint of pop with embroidery and motifs and a dash of element with prints and hues that bring out your personality in the most apt way…

Decorative Items Online

Home is where the heart is, is something all of us are aware of, and there is no doubt that the way you style your house says alot about your personality, and about the person that you are. They say, first impression is the often the last one and no one wants their house to have a negative vibe. And so there are multiple ways by which you can decorate or revamp your house and make it as beautiful and as chic as you want it to be. With Vajor you can find the best in class and quality home decor that elevates your house’s look. So whether its kitchen and dining accessories, lighting solutions, cushion cover for your cosy corners, room and wall decor to fill your bare walls with a little bit of accent or any storage accessories that make your house look much more neater and organised, Vajor has the answer to all your home related issues. The essence of the house should not be lost no matter how many times you want to redo your space. For days when a classy edge is on your mind and you want your space to have a sophisticated appeal, you can pick decor that’s more structured and chic and balances out a tone on tone look. While if you are someone who likes to play with colours, they sky's the limit for you! That ways you can experiment with tassels, embroidery, colours and prints and decor that adds life to your overall space.

Women Dresses

Women are possibly the most lucky being on this planet. They are not only gorgeous and but are able to carry out almost anything that matches with their personality with utmost chic. Add to this the innumerable options that they are being given to wear for every given day. And dresses are most definitely the best and most effortless outfit to pick when nothing strikes your mind. Women maxi dress, women mini dresses or whether its women midi dresses, there is option for every woman to wear something on any given day. The dresses that Vajor houses range from the ones that you can wear to a casual shopping day with friends, from something you might wanna pick for the date night to something that can be easily worn on a family sunday brunch, to dresses that are a must to be worn on a daily basis. To add personality to your look, the dresses that have tassels and embroidery details go a long way for they add minimalist chic and a touch of element to your look. Another thing to keep in mind while going for dresses, is that Vajor dresses are known to have pockets in each one of them. This not only makes it super comfortable but also increases the functionality, wearability, the longevity and most importantly gives women the freedom from constantly holding onto something in their hands. Known for coming up with a new collection almost every month, this way you will have various options to choose from. The silhouettes are also body friendly and flattering for every body type, thus women of varied shapes and sizes don't have to feel about themselves and learn to love themselves wearing Vajor!

Shoes & Accessories

A good pair of footwear is a woman’s best accessory and best friend to not only complete her entire look but also makes her look more poised, put together and brings in a lot of confidence from within. And the most exciting thing is that there is no limit to how many footwear one can lay their hands on, for womens footwear come in a wide variety of styles, fits, with embellishments, comfort level and even more so high on the trend radar that makes the footwear last long for probably years and years even after the trend fades away… With Vajor you’ll find the best in style and fresh on trend footwear for every occasion. Ranging from loafers to mules, from pumps to wedges, from sandals to slip-ons, all under the same roof! When it comes to finishing your look the right way, there are certain accessories that one cannot miss out on, but to go out on the hunt for that perfect accessory is a task no one want to cope up with. This is where Vajor steps in with an ocean of options when it comes to chic women jewellery, women sunglasses, classy women scarves, trendy women shoes and women bags that are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. When worn with a perfect balance, these accessories can enhance and take your look up to another level. So whether you’re planning a look for an office event, a brunch with friends, for a family dinner or just a casual day running errands, you are sure to find something for everyday with shoes and accessories that are boho yet chic!