About Us

"A brand for the independent minds, the kind hearts & the nomadic souls."

We live and breathe this very motto. Vajor came into being in 2014 with a very clear concept in mind. Observations revealed how the market is filled with either off-the-rack clothing or luxury couture. And there is a wide valley in between these two. It was high time somebody built a bridge!

As a women’s wear Fashion & Lifestyle brand, we deal in clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry & other accessories. Vajor also has a Home Decor line which brings to you a range of Kitchen & Dining, Garden, Lighting, Storage Accessories, Bath and Room & Decor merchandise as well. We are proud to say that a majority of all these products are made in India.

With a very specific goal in mind, Vajor, brings international appeal with superior aesthetics to your home and wardrobe. Vajor launches a new collection almost every month, in keeping with the fast pace of this industry and eliminating the barriers of seasonal fashion. The brand has its own identity which is about being organic, rooted and modern bohemian in its approach. We are aware of the concerns of our consumers and are providing them with a platform which is trustworthy and fashion that is body friendly. With every product we narrate an untold story that our consumer can relate to and hence, build a connect with the brand. Vajor is a refreshing break from the monotony of this industry and it is expanding its horizon a little more everyday to become the ultimate tool of self-expression. In 2018, Vajor opened gates to its three new stores in Delhi, Pune and Chennai, and will be expanding to more cities very soon.

We strive on establishing a relationship with each customer and, in turn, build a community... A community of independent, mature and free spirited people who are nonconformists and driven individuals. Through a seamless website and experience rich stores, Vajor plans to bring together and nurture this community and cultivate a modern bohemian way of life.