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Whoever invented earrings as an accessory to wear for women or men alike, has undeniably done a wonderful job! For ladies earrings are something that if not worn, can make a person look dull. But with the minute accessories like earrings be it small studs or long danglers, they can instantly brighten up your face and outfit. Shopping for earrings online can be quite a task, for its difficult to find that perfect piece of jewellery to match up with your garment. But here at Vajor, we make your shopping experience as easy as ever. Here, you can find women’s necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets and much more to fill up your wardrobe with some closet essentials… Vajor has an exciting range of jewellery products that vary from being boho in appeal, to elegant in style. Something for everyone, Vajor jewellery is the cherry on the cake... It brings out the best in something that is already uber chic to behold.


Shopping for women’s fashion earrings is something we as girls all do in our spare time. Be it online or offline. There is this constant urge to keeping buying and finding that perfect pair of earrings. Females love to shop and this is where Vajor steps in who not only understands their clientele but also knows exactly what the women out there are looking for… Vajor is known to be always on trend when it comes to fashion wear. It can be anything from dresses, to earrings for girls, to jumpsuits to finding the best of anklets online. Shop from Vajor to stay on trend and you’ll never be disappointed. Being a pan-Indian brand, it is of utmost priority to always cater to the needs of the masses and to come up with products that keep you hooked every month. Vajor’s speciality lies in the fact that it brings out a new collection every month of the year, thus always staying on trend.