Embark on Artistry Experiences to engage in a whole new form of learning through hands-on and immersive affairs. Inner-directed, thoughtful workshops where you get to learn from passionate artisans who are at the root of their art form.

Discover untold stories of origin and evolution whilst soaking in the tunes of a sufi singer or watching threads weave into magic on a handloom or getting your hands muddy learning pottery or even deciphering the age old culinary traditions from an expert/aficionado. Together, we will reflect, share wisdom and skills, and build a tribe that’s closer to its roots.

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Mind’s Eye : Vision Board Workshop

24th August 2019, Bangalore

INR 700 per person

Duration- 2 Hours

Feathered Friends : Bird Sculpture Workshop

31st August 2019, Gurgaon

INR 2500 per pair

Duration- 3 Hours

Past Events

Live Gently : Upcycling Workshop

10th August 2019, Delhi

INR 2000 per person

Duration- 3 Hours

Explore Chai - Tea Blends & Recipes

3rd August 2019, Delhi

INR 2200 per person

Duration- 3 Hours

Locked In Lacquer -
Decoupage Workshop

28th July 2019, Pune

INR 2200 per person

Duration- 3 Hours

The Asian Artistry -
Kintsugi & Matcha Cupcakes

6th July 2019, Delhi

INR 3000 per person

Duration- 3 Hours

A Clayful Date

26th May 2019, Gurugram

INR 2500 per pair

Duration- 2.5 Hours

A ‘Knotty’ Date!
Macrame Workshop

18th May 2019, Delhi

INR 1800 per person

Duration- 2.5 Hours

Coffee & Calligraphy Date

27th April 2019, New Delhi

INR 2,500 per person

Duration- 3 Hours