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Vajor has grown from a handful of team members into a strong rooted force and is now looking to grow two fold!
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People make an organization. Its as simple as that. And Vajor has always had the vision and foresight to bring people on board that grow in and along with the organization. And this growth is now evident with Vajor opening retail outlets, adding more verticals to its product line and expanding its horizons 360 degrees.

With plans to branch out further and reach new heights, we are on the lookout for talent that can put a boost to this journey. Join us if you think you are the gen-next innovator who wants something a lot more meaningful, exciting and satiating than a 9 to 5 job.


Current Openings

  • A unique profile that requires a unique mixture of skills. We are on the lookout for an innovative, zealous graphic designer who can:

    1. Develop an in-depth understanding of the brand's visual language.
    2. Create social media, website and retail store graphics/artworks for day to day requirements in sync with the brand visual language.
    3. Co-ordinate with our agency for all artworks and requirements.
    4. Co-ordinate with in-house departments for all artwork requirements.
    5. Work in sync with Content and Marketing team for campaign conceptualizations.

    The job will be a mixture of creative and planning skills. If you believe you have it in you to become a part of our passionate and slightly eccentric creative team, drop us a line today.

  • Vajor has been a content rich and a gen-next brand since its inception. Hence, when it comes to our social media presence, it has to be the right mix of meaningful and playful communication strategies that ensure a lasting impact.

    Key Roles:

    1. Taking leadership of all our social media platform planning, strategizing & execution.
    2. The individual has to be an innovator and out of the box thinker through and through.
    3. Conceptualizing and executing social media exclusive shoots on a day-to-day basis to create organic content.
    4. Collaborating with Marketing, Design, Retail, and other departments to come up with unique social media campaigns.
    5. Ensuring a seamless brand language and persona across all platforms.
    6. Needs to be spontaneous, outgoing and at their toes.

    Experience : 5 + years

  • Key Responsibilities :

    1. Achieve sales and customer acquisition targets : a. Devise and adhere, plan and maintain marketing online ROI Budget (SEO/SEM/SMO, Personalized/Bulk eMail campaigns, Cross branding promotions, Marketing tie ups etc) b. Create appropriate promotions
    2. Work on new ideas and identifying new ways to improve site conversion, average order size, cart abandonment, and other key performance indicators to maximize sales growth and profitability (Through improving Conversion , UPT & ATV)
    3. Have liaising with technical team for day to day changes & to introduce new tools & technology for enhancing customer experience & smooth site performance.
    4. Keep close eye on Site performance & Customer behavior with Google Analytics, Alexa & other Analysis tools. Setting benchmarks for daily traffic & to improve day to day performance
    5. Team coaching
    6. Networking skills which enables collection of competition data and compare it vis a vis Vajor business performance

    Education : MBA

    Experience :6-7 years in an ecommerce company or Digital agency

  • We at VAJOR are looking for an experienced Product Manager who is passionate about building products that customers love.

    1. The role will require research, strategy, product development, and frequent collaboration with various cross-functional teams including Design Team, Engineering team, Digital Marketing, Merchandising as well as the Executive Leadership team.
    2. The person will have ultimate ownership of the e-commerce + App development roadmap and be responsible for delivering on the site's + APP KPIs
    3. The candidate must be very creative and a strong problem solver as they would be responsible to take idea from brainstorming state, to development, and ultimately to actualization.
    4. Entrepreneurial spirit with the track record for delivering results in a fast-moving environment

    Experience : 3+ years of leadership experience in product management in B2C e-commerce in Fashion retail domain

    Key Responsibilities :

    Lead product strategy, vision, roadmap, and requirement specifications required to deliver and enhance a best in class digital experience. Help develop and analyse website KPIs and develop recommendations for driving business improvements and better customer experiences.

    1. Define requirements, drive adoption, lead user acceptance testing, and address business and system issues
    2. Develop PRDs (product requirement documents) for each product
    3. Partner very closely with engineering teams on product design, development, and deployment in a fast paced, agile environment
    4. Examine the e-commerce business and understand the key drivers of cost, scale, productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
    5. Co-ordinate with external vendors and make creative recommendations to expand e-commerce portfolios
  • Interested in travel & event industry. Always crooned to be like part of the big and interesting travel community? Vajor is looking for Experience Curator. Primary role would involve creating travel content for social media, blog , managing social media handles on the go. Lead generation for travel service providers like experience properties, storytellers , influencers for collaborations. Will involve travelling and lot of travel related research work. Prior experience in travel writing with knowledge of social media is desirable. Write to us

    1. Avid social media user
    2. Eye for detail
    3. Interactive and persuasive approach
    4. Possess sound analytical acumen
    5. Posses good networking skills
    6. Strong communication and problem solving skills
    7. Innovation approach to handling customer centric issues/ queries.
    8. Ability to work without supervision.
  • Have a knack of leading trips, holding events, planning and execution of small to medium events in area of travel, local city events. Believe that you are a hands on person to execute things art to end. We are looking for you. Primary responsibility will include entire event and travel trip coordination, leading, coordination with vendors and everything involved to run a smooth and excellent customer experience. Prior knowledge in event management preferably somewhere in travel will be preferred. Write to us at

If you want to be part of us, then drop us a line -