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The online retail industry is growing bigger and better by each passing day... And it's moving fast! We at Vajor are much in sync with this pace of evolution and we are constantly working towards pushing boundaries and driving our business even further forward. At Vajor, our focus is not limited to professional enrichment but also in nurturing long-term relationships with our team members. With them, we strive to transform creative strategies into tangible processes which drive a positive change and deliver the desired outcomes.



If you are passionate, driven, motivated, energetic, slightly obsessive compulsive... You would fit right in. And, if you are a foodie and an animal lover, just perfect!



We have a team that is highly diversified in terms of skills, taste and thought process... Yet we are as close knitted as it gets professionally! We believe in constant learning through intense discussions and team work. Its essential for you to have the ability to work as a team member... Vajor is the big ship that we are all part of and we would love to welcome someone on-board who wishes to enjoy the journey and brings something unique to the table! It is our motto, Grow in and Grow with Vajor!



Qualified and eligible candidates may apply directly to us. We typically hold a couple of rounds of personal interactions. After the interview stage, if selected, we will put you on an orientation session followed by a small training project or assignment for up to 6 weeks to observe how we work together; following which, you join us as a full-timer. So, come, meet us, make an impression. Later, cross your fingers and check your spam folder!



Were based in Gurgaon which is one of the most happening places in North India. We have an open environment with all the freedom you need to let your creativity flow. We work to beats and kick back with photography... We read, we share, we support. We have created a balanced world out here that is the ideal work environment!



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Online Shopping for Women – VAJOR

Amidst the multiple stores dispensing either off-the-rack clothing or luxurious branded fashion, Vajor is a platform that mellows down the extremity of the two, and brings in sustainable fashion that won’t break the bank and will give you a bang for you buck too! Our brand is an online shopping store that deals in women clothing online that is fresh and varied. Serving our customers with the best collection for women, Vajor is exactly where you need to look to find the finest women fashions online. A brand for the independent minds, kind hearts and nomadic souls, Vajor brings in freshness with an interesting twist in today’s fashion.

Best Online Fashion Store for Women Clothing

Vajor fashion store promises its consumers products that are of premium quality at a very reasonable price. The best collections of women’s clothing in a plethora of trends, our products are not just fashion forward but are also body friendly. The trademark of our fashion sense is its effortless chicness with a hint of bohemian aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the free-spirited yet mature persona that Vajor has. In a variety of styles and silhouettes, our clothing is as diverse as it can get. Be it classics like kurtas, tunics, shirts, flirty staples like women dresses and skirts, or youthful ensembles like jumpsuits and rompers, Vajor has everything you could ever need. To be at par with the fast pace of the industry, our exciting Vajor new arrivals release in the form of monthly collections.

Enjoy Your Shopping Experience with Home Decor

After two years of its inception, Vajor proudly introduced home décor products into its fashion and clothing line. There is a wide range of artsy décor and interior. Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms dining area or the garden, Vajor has the best collection of home décor items for your entire house. Our décor products feature an extension of the monthly collection themes, with products that would interest everyone. Online shopping for girls wanting to beautify their rooms and make it their own is made possible with products like tapestries, wall hangings, lamps & lightings, cushions and seating. With a touch of Vajor, add a comfy feel with an edge of excitement and delight to your humble abode.

Accessorize Yourself with Trendy Collections of Women Accessories

At Vajor, we understand just how important styling and accessorizing is to take an ensemble to the next level, and creating a perfect look out of it. For this very reason, Vajor includes an exquisite mix of the most fashion forward accessories in their fashion collections available online to complement and uplift your outfits. Our accessories collections too, release every month, just like our other collections of clothing and décor. Our collections are a well-shuffled mélange, including every element you could ever need – dainty jewelry, fashion jewellery online dapper sunglasses, funky belts, chic scarves, trendy footwear, exclusive handbags and stylish hats. There is an accessory for every occasion, whether you want to dress it up or dress it down. Shop online our hand-picked selection of accessories and become the ultimate style inspiration for others.

Make Your Online Shopping Experience Best with Vajor