Midi Dresses

Witness the revival of the in-between length for any occasion. Midi dresses are not only the most wearable trend of the season, but, are also the most versatile and sought after wardrobe addition! Take a pick from a wide range of printed, panelled, silhouetted and chic dresses and stay in vogue.
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  1. Bohemian Breeze Dress
    ₹1,649 ₹2,199
  2. Creamsicle Printed Dress
    ₹2,107 ₹2,809
  3. Nomad Instinct Dress
    ₹2,107 ₹2,809
  4. Old Skool Printed Dress
    ₹2,699 ₹3,599
  5. French Rose Dress
    ₹1,349 ₹1,799
  6. Treasured Tassel Dress
    ₹1,649 ₹2,199
  7. Ajrakh Ascent Dress
    ₹2,774 ₹3,699
  8. Russet Sable Dress
    ₹2,549 ₹3,399
  9. Vintage Lantern Dress
    ₹2,174 ₹2,899
  10. Persian Wonder Dress
    ₹1,724 ₹2,299
  11. Fresh Dew Printed Dress
    ₹1,499 ₹1,999
  12. Electric Enigma Printed Dress
    ₹1,724 ₹2,299
  13. Vagabond Printed Dress
    ₹1,724 ₹2,299
  14. Hushed Noises Ikat Dress
    ₹900 ₹1,799
  15. C&C-Striped Monotone Dress
    ₹640 ₹1,599
  16. C&C Shawl- neck printed dress
    ₹560 ₹1,399
  17. Cobalt Blue Tiered Dress
    ₹1,379 ₹2,299
  18. Mellow Mauve Shirt Dress
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  19. Boho Patchwork Midi Dress
    ₹1,559 ₹2,599
  20. Space Blue Tassel Dress
    ₹2,159 ₹3,599
  21. Blue Abstract Dress
    ₹717 ₹1,195
  22. Cloud Black Ruffled Dress
    ₹936 ₹1,560
  23. Black Gypsy Dress
    ₹1,099 ₹1,790
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23 Items

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Midi Dresses Online

Be it summer, winter or rain, the one dress that is perfect all year round is a midi dress. Along with our extensive collection of mini dresses online, Vajor also holds a good mix of women midi dresses. In breathable fabrics, easy silhouettes and beautiful colors, our stylish midi dresses are perfect for any look you wish to create. Be it a casual everyday look, a formal ensemble, a flirty outfit, or an elegant evening attire, our dresses are exactly what you need. The latest fashion trends join the comfort of a midi dress and present to you the next item on your fashion must-haves list.

Midi Dresses for Women - A STYLE FOR EVERYONE

When you shop from Vajor, you shop apparel that is body friendly and hence is designed keeping in mind the myriad of body shapes present. Midi dresses for women are considered to be specific to only a handful of body types. However, when done by Vajor, midi dresses can be worn by a variety of people in a variety of sizes. We make sure to incorporate flattering silhouettes and comfort fits in our apparel to complement the personal styles of our pan-Indian clientele. Our dresses majorly come in silhouettes such as straight fit, sheath dresses, fit and flares and shirt dresses, all of which provide a lot of freedom to the wearer in terms of fit and feel, keeping their fashion preferences intact. Spreading body positivity around through our products, Vajor gives utmost importance to the wants of the varied nature of its users. Featuring beautiful hues, our dresses look like a dream. Our prints are a gorgeous tessellation of elaborate motifs that reflect the monthly collection’s theme. We have a dress for everyone, find out the one for you at our website today.