Jackets & Shrugs

Jackets & Shrugs

Need an extra layer of chic for your outfit? You have come to the right place. From sleeveless printed spring jackets to elegant evening cape jackets, to jewel toned festive jackets, to light weight and rich hued shrugs, you will find absolutely anything and everything here. Add some brownie points to your "Outfit Of The Day" with our finely tailored jackets, coats, capes, tie-ups and draping shrugs!
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  1. Blue Frenzy Shrug
  2. Checkered Tribal Shrug
  3. Maroon Paisley Reversible Jacket
    ₹1,913 ₹2,550
  4. Coin Grey Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  5. Blue Snowflake Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  6. Aztec Beige Poncho
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  7. White Asymmetric Shrug
    ₹1,669 ₹2,225
  8. The Pepper Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  9. The Ivory Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  10. The Fawn Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  11. Mustard Tassel Shrug
    ₹1,669 ₹2,225
  12. Floral Umber Shrug
    ₹1,781 ₹2,375
  13. Cozy Grey Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  14. Spruce Blue Jacket
    ₹1,845 ₹2,460
  15. Pastel Pink Shrug
    ₹1,493 ₹1,990
  16. Patterned Maroon Jacket
    ₹1,800 ₹2,400
  17. Muffled Olive Tassel Jacket
    ₹1,620 ₹2,160
  18. Peach Chikan Jacket
  19. Pistachio Chikan Jacket
  20. Brown & Blue Tassel Jacket
  21. Hand Block Print Paisley Jacket
  22. Hand Block Print Steel Blue Jacket
  23. Ancient Coin Jacket
  24. Mustard Embroidered Jacket
    ₹1,887 ₹2,695
  25. The Beatles Jacket
    ₹1,365 ₹1,950
  26. The Saffron Bomber Jacket
  27. Riverbank Bomber Jacket
  28. Venom Shrug
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Women Shrugs Online

The trend of layering is no more specific to the cold weather. Loved by all, it is popular all year round. To help you get on this band wagon, we’ve got in store the most exclusive collection of shrugs for women, that you can wear season after season. Shop our selection of ladies shrugs that come in breezy silhouettes and lively color schemes, perfect for layering up on summery days. You can also take your pick from our gorgeous mix of long shrugs to cover yourself up during the days that are a bit colder. Whether you want to shield yourself from the beaming sun, or wrap up during the freezing winds, there’s a shrug for every season’s needs. In delightful fabrics and a rainbow of hues, Vajor shrugs come in the most flattering of fits that look good on everyone. After fixing you up with the most coveted trends in tops for women, we’re giving you exactly what you need to create a banger layered outfit. Teams up your favorite tops with our shrugs and become ace the trend of layering up, irrespective of the season.

Stylish Collection of Shrugs for Women

With the layering trend reaching its popularity peak, everyone wants to get on the layering band wagon. To help you catch up, Vajor is bringing the latest trends in cover-ups, shrugs and cardigans. Featuring breezy silhouettes, these stylish shrugs for girls are everything you need to layer up, no matter the season. Their versatility, brought in by the right fabric choices, allow you to wear them all year long, irrespective of the weather. Throw them over your ensembles and add a little something to take your look to the next level. The perfect accessory to any outfit- be it a formal guise, a casual everyday look, evening wear, or beachwear/swimwear for getaways - a shrug is both functional and aesthetic Everything you need to master the art of layering, from tops and bottoms to trendy and fashionable shrugs, we have it all in one place, just for you.

Buy shrugs online at Vajor and grab the most coveted styles, colors and designs that will keep you en vogue throughout the year.

Jackets for Women

As we prepare to make the switch from summery vibes and step into windy days, Vajor is all set with wide ranging collections of women jackets online. The Vajor jackets for girls are not an average winter jacket, but a more versatile version, perfect to be work all year round. As an e-commerce brand dealing in clothing for women, we’re bringing the best of both worlds of fashion and comfort into our garments. Perfect to layer up during any season, these jackets are soothing on the skin, with a relaxed fit and feel. Jazzing it up with the season’s latest trends, our jackets feature a colorful play of embellishments, prints, motifs, patchwork and embroideries. Add the right amount of pop to your look by throwing in a jacket or a shrug by Vajor, and be a style genius. Whether you’re looking for a formal jacket, a cozy bomber, an effortless shrug, a chic cardigan or a breezy beach cover-up, there is something for everyone. Just browse through the trendy jumble of layer-ups that we have in store for you and go layer crazy.