Jumpsuits and Rompers

We are here to curb your cravings! Cravings of the effortlessness of a jumpsuit. These tailored all-in-one ensembles seamlessly work for board meetings, office parties, evening cocktails or a fashionable black tie gala. You are bound to find one that you just can't live without!
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  1. Wild Winds Jumpsuit
  2. Noir Tribe Jumpsuit
  3. Storming Rivers Jumpsuit
  4. Night Sky Jumpsuit
  5. Winter Wanderer Jumpsuit
  6. New Age Traveller Jumpsuits
  7. Raisin Rumble Jumpsuit
  8. Mahogany Embriodered Jumpsuit
  9. Tiffany Green Jumpsuit
  10. Newfangled Maroon Jumpsuit
  11. Sapphire Haze Printed Jumpsuit
  12. Night Glory Jumpsuit
  13. Pink Voyage Jumpsuit
  14. Millennial Pink Jumpsuit
  15. True Blue Jumpsuit
  16. Spring Break Jumpsuit
    ₹1,599 ₹1,999
  17. C&C The Greyscale Jumpsuit
  18. Vacation Ikat Jumpsuit
    ₹1,739 ₹2,899
  19. Whimsy Dream Ikat Jumpsuit
    ₹1,199 ₹1,999
  20. C&C- Olive Overlap Jumpsuit
  21. C&C- Classic Sepia Jumpsuit
  22. Bellowing Beauty Jumpsuit
  23. Jovial Days Jumpsuit
    ₹1,349 ₹2,249
  24. Night Skies Jumpsuit
    ₹1,229 ₹2,049
  25. Hello Vacation Jumpsuit
    ₹1,200 ₹2,399
  26. The Amor Jumpsuit
    ₹1,379 ₹2,299
  27. Electric Gingham Jumpsuit
    ₹1,199 ₹1,999
  28. Beaming Tasseled Jumpsuit
    ₹1,499 ₹2,499
  29. Garden Print Jumpsuit
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  30. Botanical Beige Printed Jumpsuit
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  31. Coral Ruffle Jumpsuit
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  32. Pink Ruffle Jumpsuit
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  33. Green Ruffle Jumpsuit
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  34. Night Blue Printed Jumpsuit
    ₹1,319 ₹2,199
  35. Sky Patterned Jumpsuit
    ₹1,259 ₹2,099
  36. Botanical Fringe Jumpsuit
    ₹1,139 ₹1,899
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Trendy Collection of Jumpsuits for Women

When we call ourselves a one stop-shop for everything fashion, we’re not exaggerating. Apart from the plethora of styles of tops, dresses, pants and skirts of women we offer to our clientele, we also bring an extensive range of jumpsuits and rompers for women. In vivid hues and breathtaking prints, our jumpsuits too, revolve around the theme of our monthly collections. A variety of comfy, flattering silhouettes is what makes the Vajor jumpsuits stand out from the rest. The entire collection of our Women jumpsuits online fit like a dream without compromising the personal style preferences of our varied consumer base. Our jumpsuits are truly one of a kind, with fluidity and versatility to complement any body shape. The misconception of jumpsuits looking good on a certain body type is shattered when you try on a Vajor.

We bring both comfort and fashion together in all our apparel, and our jumpsuit and romper collections are no exception. The effortlessness of a jumpsuit is one that is recognised by every fashion lover. Reducing the effort of dressing up by half, and creating a put-together outfit is just what we need to make everyday a little less hectic and a little more fashionable.These tailored all-in-one ensembles seamlessly work for board meetings, office parties, evening cocktails, fashionable black tie galas or a casual, relaxed everyday. Shop through the most exclusive mix of women jumpsuits online at Vajor and combine style and ease without sacrificing your overall look.

Rompers for Girls

Shop everything womenswear at Vajor, whether it is fashionable women tops, trendy pants for women, chic jumpsuits and rompers, stylish accessories, quirky footwear and much more. Dealing in all things fashion, we deliver international appeal at fair prices right to your doorstep. Every month, Vajor releases a new collection to give you the hottest trends of the season, and get you and your wardrobe up-to-date with the fast-paced fashion world of today. Grab the latest styles of shirts, tops, tunics, pants, palazzos, jeans, jumpsuits for women, dresses and everything else you could possibly think of from our website.

Every month, it is a bundle of fashion overloading with the most coveted trends here at Vajor. Fulfilling all our clientele’s wants and needs, our clothing is not only fashion-forward but extremely comfortable. Gone are the times when people would need to choose between style and comfort, as we give you the best of both worlds. Featuring gorgeous colour palettes and breathtaking prints, Vajor clothing is made keeping in mind the concerns of our users. For the same reason, we incorporate flattering silhouettes, breathable fabrics and a relaxed feel in our apparel so that the personal style preferences of our consumer base are kept intact.

Be it elegant tops, flirty dresses, sophisticate pants, edgy accessories, modish bags, dapper sunglasses, fun scarves or artsy hats, there is everything for everyone here. Browse through our website and find your fashion essentials, go-to outfits and must-have accessories at the Vajor website.