Shirts and Tops

Shirts & Tops

An extensive mixture of everything that goes on top. Shirts, tops, tunics, crop-tops, kimonos, kaftans and more in a palette of solids, prints, plaids, embroidered, pleated, peplum and draped silhouettes. Find the soulmate to your ripped denims, cut-off shorts, billowing skirts, formal trousers and all else you can imagine right here.
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  1. Maroon Wrap Top
    ₹899 ₹1,499
  2. Green Leaf Sleeve Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  3. Charcoal Asymmetric Top
    ₹479 ₹799
  4. Monochrome Poncho Top
    ₹594 ₹990
  5. Canary Tie-up Top
    ₹539 ₹899
  6. Lemon Wrap Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  7. Botanical Sleeve Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  8. Noir Floral Sleeve Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  9. Black Peacock Sleeve Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  10. Embroidered Poncho Top
    ₹959 ₹1,599
  11. Grey Wrap Top
    ₹1,019 ₹1,699
  12. Vibrant Paws Tunic
    ₹1,199 ₹1,999
  13. Wine Gathered Top
    ₹588 ₹980
  14. Petunia Pink Flared Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  15. Deep Green Knot Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  16. Blue Ruffle Pleated Top
    ₹899 ₹1,499
  17. Olive Green Ruffled Top
    ₹599 ₹999
  18. Ink Black Tiered Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  19. Black Printed Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  20. Indigo Blue Kaftan Tunic
    ₹1,139 ₹1,899
  21. Blue & Red Tassel Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  22. Floral Blue Flared Top
    ₹779 ₹1,299
  23. Grey Bell Sleeve Top
    ₹474 ₹790
  24. Quirk Blue Tassel Sweatshirt
    ₹936 ₹1,560
  25. Deep Green Gathered Top
    ₹585 ₹975
  26. Garnet Tassel Sweatshirt
    ₹936 ₹1,560
  27. Pink Orchid Top
    ₹537 ₹895
  28. Green Forest Ruffled Top
    ₹597 ₹995
  29. Pink Asymmetric Top
    ₹539 ₹899
  30. Ginger Orange Sleeve Top
    ₹525 ₹875
  31. Multicoloured Swirl Sleeve Top
    ₹525 ₹875
  32. Maze Grey Tunic
    ₹1,170 ₹1,950
  33. Ochre Asymmetric Top
    ₹507 ₹845
  34. Muted Peach Floral Top
    ₹539 ₹899
  35. Cream Shoelace Top
    ₹735 ₹1,225
  36. Beige Fringe Top
    ₹831 ₹1,385
  37. Floral Pink Shirt
    ₹675 ₹1,125
  38. Lemony Knot Top
    ₹954 ₹1,590
  39. Liva Tassel Top
    ₹1,137 ₹1,895
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