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Festive Imprints

Born out of the continuous visits to Craft Museum and Conceptualised in the bylanes of Sanganer. "Sanganeri" is a hand-block printing technique originating from Sanganer, a village in the southern part of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This form of textile printing is almost 5 centuries old and till date holds a prominent place in the world of weavers and craftsmen. Festive Imprints is all about reviving our heritage of block prints in contemporary silhouettes for the modern woman. This collection shrieks of excitement for getting new festival clothes, gifts, festive jewellery and home decor for the upcoming festivities. It is like a breath of fresh air that will transport you into a new season with life and light.
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  1. Brown & Blue Tassel Jacket
  2. Festal Olive Gold Kaftan
  3. Muted Mauve Tiered Dress
  4. Botanical Tiered Dress
  5. Frost White Pleated Jumpsuit
  6. Muted Floral Frill Jumpsuit
  7. Peach Gold Tulip Jumpsuit
  8. Hand Block Print Steel Blue Jacket
  9. Gold Flower Pleated Dress
  10. Cerulean Blue Flared Set
  11. Mirrored Red Dress
  12. Fuschia Floral Dress
  13. Blue Tasseled Cropped Pants
  14. Olive Hem Cropped Pants
  15. Ancient Coin Jacket
  16. Black Ablaze Pleat Top
  17. Turkish Blue & Rust Set
  18. Botanical Tangy Blue Dress
  19. Botanical Maroon Pleated Dress
  20. Brown & White Tassel Dress
  21. Monochrome Pleated Dress
  22. Soft Green Floral Dress
  23. Ritzy Blue Asymmetric Set
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