Conscious living

Sign up and be a part of mindful experiences that help you cultivate a living where your mind, body and spirit exist in harmony. Explore the beauty of delving into your ‘self’ while you enjoy unplugged yoga retreats, mind and body fitness regimes and guided nature walks.

Vajor gives you a chance to mingle with other modern bohemians like yourself to build a community that promotes the idea of sustainability and conscious living. Apart from nurturing yourself, Conscious Living Experiences also give you the opportunity to give back to nature and make your contributions towards healing the planet.

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Raw & Wholesome : Handcrafted Bodycare Workshop

7th September 2019, Delhi

INR 2500 per person

Duration- 3 Hours

Unleashed : Your Dog’s Day Out

15th September 2019, Gurgaon

INR 2700 - 3700

Duration- 3 Hours

Past Events

Rooted & Mindful-
Zero Waste Workshop

27th July 2019, Pune

INR 2000 per person

Duration- 3 Hours

Parenting The Millenials

10th May 2019, Delhi

Entry Free

Duration- 2 Hours

Rooted & Mindful-
Earth Bowl Recipes

27th April 2019, Bengaluru

INR 500 per person

Duration- 1 Hours

Rooted & Mindful-
Zero Waste Living

14th April 2019, Bengaluru

INR 650 per person

Duration- 2 Hours