Coupon & Gift Cards


What Is The Validity Of Your Coupon?

A coupon is only valid for 12 months from the date of the issue.

How To Redeem Coupon?

Coupons can be redeemed on the purchase of discounted or non-discounted products. A coupon can be used for the Cart value equivalent to or more than the value of the coupon. Coupons cannot be used if the cart value is less than the coupon value. Full price items can only be refunded thrice in exchange for a coupon. Coupons cannot be split into different amounts. Two or more coupons cannot be combined. Coupons are non-transferable.


How Does A Gift Card Work?

You can send a gift card of any value to your friends and family with absolute ease. We email the gift voucher code to the recipient on your behalf along with a message.

How Can I Use My Gift Voucher?

If you have received a gift voucher, all you have to do is shop all that you love and on the checkout page, enter your gift voucher code in the discount code section. Your gift voucher will automatically adjust against your total amount.