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  1. Maroon Ombre Cushion Cover
  2. Blue Ombre Cushion Cover
  3. Rainbow Tassel Cushion Cover
  4. Multicoloured Botanical Tray
  5. Mustard Aura Floral Tray
  6. Festive Floral Lacquered Tray
  7. Floral Meadow Lacquered Platter
  8. Mystic Mughal Filled Cushion
  9. Purple Carnival Filled Cushion
  10. Teal Kaleidoscope Cushion Cover
  11. Red Kaleidoscope Cushion Cover
  12. The Bouquet of Life Wall Art
  13. Carmine Pink Mirror
  14. Brown & Blue Aztec Cushion Cover
  15. Printed Fuschia Pinboard
  16. Glossy Green & White Mirror
  17. Noir Gold Filled Cushion Cover
  18. Mayan Art Filled Cushion Cover
  19. Raven Striped Filled Cushion Cover
  20. Gleaming Green Photo Frame
  21. Brown & Black Photo Frame
  22. Green Glory Photo Frame
  23. Brown & White Triangle Tray
  24. Brown Pentagon Mount Lantern Set
  25. Floral Ombre Pink Wall Art
  26. Ornate Red Wall Art
  27. Floral Olive File Folder
  28. Botanical Blue File Folder
  29. Cool Blue File Folder
  30. Antique Glass Hanging Frame
  31. Medium Antique Hexagonal Glass Lantern
  32. Large Antique Hexagonal Glass Lantern
  33. Medium Metal Hexagonal Glass Lantern
  34. Large Metal Hexagonal Glass Lantern
  35. Multicolored Storage Boxes
  36. Indigo Bunting Jewellery Box
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Home Décor Items Online

Your house is a reflection of your personality and you want to showcase the best that you have. Put an end to finding the ideal home decor online, for your search ends at Vajor. Find the perfect decorative item for home that not only exuberates class but also makes a lasting impression on your guests. Ranging from the best in class and quality kitchen and dining ware, room and wall decor, bathroom accessories, lighting, outdoor and storage accessories, one has an ample of choices to look at. Opt for a boho look or and elegant settings, Vajor has the answers to all your house decoration item queries.

Decorative Items

Find one of kind home decor products, that range from chic kitchen and dining accessories, lighting and bathroom accessories, room and wall decor, outdoor and storage accessories and so much more only at Vajor. A one stop shop destination that puts an end to your search for the perfect home accessories, Vajor lets you help decorate your house the way you want to. From boho faux animal heads, tapestries, wall arts, lanterns, bath accessories and dispensers, cushion covers, hammocks, ceramic platters and lacquered trays, one has an ocean of options to choose from while giving your house the much-needed makeover.

wall arts

Walls are the most neglected part of most of the houses, and bare walls just leave things incomplete. So, here is Vajor helping you find one of a kind wall art that are sure to become the conversation starters at your place. End your search for the ideal home decor items online, and lay your hands on the most beautiful embellished, embroidered, printed and painted wall arts, embroidered embroidery hoops, tasseled wall hangings and much more, just so your walls speak a language of their own. You can also decorate your homes and wall arts with lanterns and ceiling lights that will instantly add charm to your space…

cushion covers

Cushion covers are the cutest accessories that can brighten up any corner in your house. Embellished or floral printed, with tassels or pompoms, sequined or with cowry shells, whether in vibrant hues or in muted earthy shades, a cushion cover has the power to make your space more welcoming. So, end your online search for the perfect cushion covers and head to Vajor.com for the trendiest designs and styles that will never go out of style. You can also lay your hands on customized cushions that can have your or your loved one’s name embroidered, a gift that is perfect to give to someone special…

Photo Frames

Photo frames are the most thoughtful gifts one can give to someone. They are easy to carry around, don't consume a lot of space and can easily decorate your corners or walls in the most minimal way… And at Vajor you’ll find one of the best photo frames whatever be your need. Be it in earthy tones or in vibrant floral prints, lacquered or in wooden frames, get to choose from a wide variety. Make a memory wall filled with mounted photo frames or just keep one on your bedside or work table, with a picture of your favorite memory and you have the perfect home accessory ready to be gifted or to be decorated…