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  1. White Light Elements

    Welcome Board
  2. Vajor

    Blue Bubble Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹237 Regular Price ₹399
  3. Vajor

    Marks Art Print
    Special Price ₹254 Regular Price ₹599
  4. Vajor

    Shrubbery Scroll Wall Art
    Special Price ₹2,606 Regular Price ₹3,649
  5. Vajor

    Neck Of The Woods Bottle
    Special Price ₹602 Regular Price ₹1,349
  6. Vajor

    Garden of eden Wall Art
    Special Price ₹2,071 Regular Price ₹2,899
  7. Vajor

    Starry Night Wall Hanging
    Special Price ₹2,142 Regular Price ₹2,999
  8. Vajor

    Rustic Replay Carpet
    Special Price ₹1,312 Regular Price ₹2,099
  9. Vajor

    Hokum Wall Hanging
    Special Price ₹1,898 Regular Price ₹2,799
  10. Vajor

    Tribal Elements Throw
    Special Price ₹1,374 Regular Price ₹2,199
  11. Vajor

    Fertility Wall Art
    Special Price ₹999 Regular Price ₹1,399
  12. White Light Elements

    Delightful Birds
  13. Vajor

    All Her Faces Wooden Cabinet
    Special Price ₹2,441 Regular Price ₹3,600
  14. Vajor

    Revolution Wall Art
    Special Price ₹785 Regular Price ₹1,099
  15. White Light Elements

    Mini Bell
  16. Vajor

    Green Goose Wall Hanging
    Special Price ₹812 Regular Price ₹1,299
  17. Vajor

    Little Birdie
    Special Price ₹483 Regular Price ₹949
  18. Vajor

    Aurous Photo Frame
    Special Price ₹647 Regular Price ₹1,449
  19. Vajor

    Bedeck Gift Box
    Special Price ₹720 Regular Price ₹1,699
  20. Vajor

    Special Price ₹2,690 Regular Price ₹5,649

Items 81-100 of 123

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Our home is the extension of our personalities and we want it to look as beautiful, attractive and as eye catching as possible. We make use of cushion covers to fill in our sofas and beds, room decorative items like photo frames, faux planters, and with vases… But what we often forget and neglect are the walls. They are such an important aspect of our homes and often leaving them bare pulls down the entire look of the room. And this is where Vajor helps you to find one of the best options in wall decor items to make your walls stand out. From embellished wall hangings to faux animal heads, from pin boards to hanging frames, here is a place where you can easily find the perfect wall decor for your place. Whether your place speaks of the enchanting boho atmosphere or it exuberates an elegant aura, wall arts are the ideal choice to bring life to your walls and rooms. Go for florals and embroidered, embellished wall arts with quirky motifs or pick up minimalist vibrant ones, a thing for your walls is definitely a must when it comes to decorating a place with taste…


Having a hard time finding the perfect home decor for your home? We all know how essential it is to pick that piece that matches up to your surroundings, your persona and definitely your mood. And we understand that concern and step-in to make your shopping experience and your life much easier than ever before. While you can also find an ocean of options to choose from when it comes to cushion covers, and other home decor products like kitchen and dining, bath accessories, storage accessories, decorative lights and outdoor decor like hammocks. What we often neglect and fail to give notice to are the walls… Bare walls are never exciting and when something like a wall art is put up, it instantly brightens and lightens up the room and the atmosphere. Whether you are looking for boho quirky piece or an elegant chic home wall art, an embroidered wall hanging with tassels or a faux animal head. Vajor has the answers to all your shopping woes. Find the perfect wall art online only at Vajor to give a new definition to your walls.


Moving into a new place, or giving your space a brand new makeover, whatever be the reason, your home is an extension of who you are … the smallest of the smallest things matter when it comes to decorating your cosy corners, your walls, your sofas… And finding the perfect thing that goes with your surroundings is a whole task. So end your search and explore more and more shopping options on Vajor. A one stop shopping destination for women’s fashion wear, jewellery, shoes and other accessories. Not only this, but Vajor ends your home decor woes for it has a range of room decorative items, kitchen & dining, bath accessories and many more. And more often than not, we often leave the walls bare for not finding the right wall decorations