Clayful Date

A Clayful Date

Greenr Cafe, 32nd Avenue,


26th May 2019

Time: 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

INR 2500 per pair

Duration: 2.5 Hours

About the Experience

Imagine when God created humans, he must have pondered where to put the eyes, where to place the hands, where should the heart lie! Ever wondered, how we just turned out perfectly modelled and chiselled as we are today. Some of the best things are made by imagination, love and our hands. To capture all of the above, our upcoming Vajor Experience ensures that you and your little ones get a chance to co-create with the humble ‘mitti’ clay to make objects of beautiful bewitchery as each shape brings out a set of myriad nuances unique to that art piece. Such is the refreshing art of pottery. Bring your loved ones for a chance to experience the satisfying art of modelling clay at a place that screams earthy and mindful.

The beauty of pottery lies in the love that the artisan puts into it. Just as you nurture your relationships with your loved ones, you delicately give shape to your art piece with a side of refreshing soda, sweet potato wedges and Puerto Rican tostones. A therapeutic and an enriching event, learn slab building techniques and explore pottery without the wheel. What’s more? Take your self-curated ‘work of art’ as a memoir with you or get it delivered to your doorstep at a minimal cost.

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Key take Aways

  • Learn the satisfying art of clay modelling
  • An enriching event with your loved ones to explore something novel and fun together
  • A self-made ‘work of art’ to take home with you as a memoir
  • A mini snack menu exclusively curated by Plant Based Kitchen Greener for the event


All the material needed, delicious snacks and soda, your self-curated ‘work of art’

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