• FAQs

You can use your Gift Cards at Vajor stores or www.vajor.com

You can check the balance of your Gift Card on our website and stores.

The validity of the Gift Card is of one year, from the date of it’s activation.

Yes, you can club two or more Gift Cards/ EGVs in a single transaction.

Yes, you can use your Gift Card on our website.

Yes, you can purchase the Gift Card in bulk by reaching out to our corporate team at giftcards@vajor.com

Gift Card can be purchased at our stores and website whereas EGVs can be purchased on our website.

You should reach out to our customer care number or visit our store.

In all the above scenarios, you should contact our Customer care team or visit our stores.

No, the PIN is mandatory to use the GC and EGV.

Yes, GC and EGV can be redeemed at all the products on our website and stores.

Yes, GC and EGV can be redeemed against discounted items.

Yes, the GC can be used by anyone who has GC number and its PIN. The holder of the GC is deemed to be its beneficiary.

Yes, you can do the part payment from Gift Card and rest through by other modes of payment allowed on our website and stores.

No, you can visit our website to check the balance of GC and EGV. Also, the cashier at our stores can also provide the balance and expiry date.

No, the GC and EGV can only be redeemed against Vajor items, on our website and stores.

No. You can’t purchase another GC/EGV from the balance of another GC/EGV.

It may be tucked away in your email spam folder. Be sure to thoroughly check all folders in your email account. If you’re still having trouble? Call +91 8010819999 or email egvs@vajor.com Please note that we are unable to re-issue gift cards or E-Gift Vouchers that have been lost or stolen.