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Effortless Style Under 60 Seconds

For all those who hate spending too much time trying out outfits in the morning, we executed a challenge with the #effortlessoutfits queen Aien Jamir of @fashionandiofficial. Watch her create 4 amazing everyday looks, each under a minute! Learn how to style the two iconic textures this summer, denim and ikat. #stylingchallenge

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New In Community - Mamta Sharma Das

"There's a quote by Rumi which I really admire- There's no right doing or wrong doing. There's a field and I'll meet you there". Our newest community member, Mamta Sharma Das, shares her story of self-discovery and transformation. A beautiful soul presently residing in the colorful lands of Kolkata, Mamta has learnt life's most crucial lesson and shares the same with us. Watch Mamta explain how self-love and devotion can turn your whole life around.