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Muse - Bhavna Bhatnagar

Redefining the ingredients of success is Bhavna Bhatnagar, our Muse and founder of An Indian Summer. Making the move from a successful corporate career to the challenging field of design and blogging in 2007, Bhavna credits her success and accomplishments to an innate eye for aesthetics, perseverance and love. Adjudged as a part of The Top 100 Design Power List in India, Bhavna’s unbiased and handpicked selection of what is showcased on her blog is followed by design enthusiasts, homemakers, global brands, architects & stylists, creatives & makers, world travelers, editors and industry experts. To all those who are feeling uncertain and insecure in life about following their passion, Bhavna's journey is an inspiration. Watch the full video to discover more.

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This Women's Day, we gathered a bunch of bright, brilliant and sassy women-to-be to share their aspirations with us. We got to hear some pretty intriguing responses along with some amazingly awe-inspiring ones. There's a very simple purpose behind getting to know these little women. Has the ongoing efforts of thousands of people, over a period of many many years towards empowering women reaped any fruit...? Watch the full video to find out what our future generation thinks and feels on the subject. Happy Women's Day!