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#SelfLove is not Selfish - Ruchira Hoon

A journalist before she started cooking for a living, Ruchira might have switched to being a chef a bit later in life but she points out that it was very early in her childhood that she realized how much she loved feeding people and how happy it made her feel. A cookbook addict with a multitude of cookbooks stacked beautifully around the house, she told us how she initially started cooking out of cookbooks. She realized this is her calling and this is what she really wanted to do. People may debate if this is really self-love but Ruchira reveals how anything that’s being put on the plate is a reflection of her mood, her vibe and her personality. When asked what self-love was to her, she says,” Self-love is more about how you’re feeling on the inside rather than how you feel on the outside.” As her hands move effortlessly over the yummy looking cake she just baked, Ruchira’s face displays a thousand emotions that show her love for cooking and in turn her love for her own self. After all, self-love is doing what you love and doing a lot of it!

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