Our Vibe

Our Story

The story of Vajor is narrated best by the people at its heart. Vajor is a brand that has evolved over the years like a living entity itself. It has witnessed many moons and has weathered gracefully. Today, Vajor is a lifestyle. A destination for all modern bohemians to find their true reflection in every aspect of their lives under the umbrellas of Fashion, Home & Experiences. We believe we are an essential and integral part of people who strive for a holistic experience. People who want clothes that are both mindful and aesthetic. Urban people who like their space to reflect a little bit of the jungle and a little bit of the starry dimension. Hungry souls who are in the hunt for experiences that enrich all their senses.

Vajor’s vision is to cultivate a community that breathes the modern bohemian lifestyle and become a sustainable ecosystem of people and ideas.

Boho Philosophy

Our philosophy quite simply is to be a platform for a tribe that nurtures and grows cohesively.


A Vajor product is the perfect mix of form and function, giving equal weightage to both. Bright textiles and an eclectic assemblage of objects mixed with tasteful neutral tones. Integrating nature is key to the bohemian-modern aesthetic. Vajor Fashion brings an assembly of comfortable, body friendly and free spirited clothing , shoes & accessories. Whereas, Vajor Home tells the story of its individual and complex inhabitant. Rather than the clean surfaces of a contemporary space, or the immaculately tailored finishings of a traditional space, the modern bohemian aesthetic is characterized by layers. This includes a lot of planters, rugs, wall arts, kitchenware, table top accents & more.


Enriching, bespoke experiences for a tribe of conscious, sustainable and balanced souls. Mindfully curated affairs to tap into your desire for unique experiences and camaraderie, Vajor brings you indulgences that are vital and soulful for your holistic growth. Travel, art, theatre, music, storytelling, yoga, spiritual retreats Find yourself amidst surroundings and people that leave you content. There is something about a moment in time that can’t be replicated, an experience that is your very own, an escape with others that is deeply personal and memorable. You will find three kinds of Experiences in our offerings- Escapes, Artistry & Conscious Living. Discover the world of Vajor Experiences here.


Vajor ventured into offline stores to become more absorbed and an available part of its consumer’s life. Each Vajor store is a reflection of the lifestyle we stand for. All our merchandise sits nestled among plenty of greens, meaningful and vibrant visuals and a humble and helpful store team to deliver a seamless shopping experience. A Vajor store caters to all your senses be it the soothing fragrance, the riveting displays, the thoughtful communication or the engaging tribe gatherings that we host.


At Vajor, the community we’ve managed to build over the years is something we hold close to our hearts. Our purpose is to create an ecosystem hand-in-hand with our tribe where we grow in harmony and facilitate each other’s growth. This is a tribe of free-spirited, independent, passionate people who believe in carving a lifestyle that is conscious, balanced and soulful. Each tribe member is actually co-creating Vajor. An amazing photographer in Goa is photographing our home decor, a solo traveler is writing V.Blogs, a homemaker is hosting beautiful brunches for previews. And as a unique and sound brand, Vajor is a voice and a platform for this tribe. A platform to create, earn, and live the lifestyle!
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Values & Ethics
At the brand’s core lie the values and ethos that drive all its functions. An ethical, innovative, intelligent and balanced value system gives way to all our design, concept and making processes. We value in creating and manifesting an overall positive vibe. We are a conscious brand that puts emphasis on being sustainable in its practices. Vajor is vegan, cruelty free, body friendly, we don’t use polyester or plastic buttons, reducing wastage, committed to animal welfare, and eco conscious.
Team Vajor

People make an organization. Its as simple as that. And Vajor has always had the vision and foresight to bring people on board that grow in and along with the organization. Most of Vajor’s modern bohemian ideology, it’s overwhelming love for all nature’s beings and a predominant inclination towards an eco conscious life root from the people behind it. These people, their ideas and their beliefs form the core of who we are today. Team Vajor is as dynamic as it is balanced. With people coming from all walks of life to form a strong rooted tribe, we have elements of fierceness, kindness, creativity, drive, leadership, experience in a harmonious mix.

Some intriguing insights into the team:
Designer’s We have a designer who has a gorgeous bank of vintage clothing and vinyl records, a handful of illustrators and painters who are also amazing
Editor’s We have an interesting mix of artists inhouse, a video editor who cooks the best Baked Potato in the world, And have 5 immensely soulful singers in the team who literally make Vajor HQ the perfect hang-out spot on Friday evenings. Their flavors secretly seep into our playlist.
Retail Ninja’s The skill set, efficiency and innovation in approach to retail sales and marketing is what our Retail team excels at. Hence, we like to address them as ninjas! With the brand’s entry into retail segment, it was pivotal that we find the best in the industry who not only understand the nitty grities of retail sector in India but, understand Vajor ethos and lifestyle. And we can without a doubt say that that’s exactly who they are!

We have a surprisingly high number of Taureans in the team. And trust us, they are all poles apart. Our conversations seldom tend to revolve around the stars, the moon and often lead to spooky storytelling sessions.

Current Openings
  • For a brand like Vajor that puts immense value in visual content and its impact, the profile of a Creative Visualiser holds more substance than it would anywhere else. We are on the lookout for a multifaceted individual who is well versed with modern bohemian aesthetics, has a zeal to understand and carry the brand communication forward and most importantly, someone who wouldn’t shy away from a versatile, demanding everyday task list that keeps you and your brain churning creativity. What comes as a prerequisite with the above mentioned is crisp and prompt managerial skills as this individual will be responsible for a team.

    Key Roles & Responsibilities:

    Website Aesthetics- Working in tandem with the Content and the Design team to visualise the website look and feel for every collection launch. Visualising all website pages while keeping functionality and user experience in mind.Image Editing- Selecting required images from the photoshoot raw data. Guiding the team of editors regarding image editing and ensuring timely delivery of all edited date to respective departments.Website Hygiene- Working closely with tech team and backend team for a proper uploading of banners, images, etc on the website. Keeping a close eye on website hygiene and doing regular checks for the same.Graphic Design Management- Managing all graphic design requirements that flow in from all in-house departments and manage execution of requirements between inhouse resource and outsourced agency. Acting as a filter on all artworks.Campaign Design- Working closely on all marketing campaigns and conceptualising the same. Social Media Streamlining- Providing support to the social media team in the form of visual inputs and filtration of all visual content being rolled out.

    Required Skill Set:

    1. Knowledge of UI/UX.
    2. Catalogue & editorial image editing.
    3. Advertising and communication.
    4. Graphic Design.
    5. Photoshop, Illustrator skills

    Experience: 5years or more