Peach Crystal Salt Lamp

Bring home some natural goodness with this gorgeous salt lamp. Place them on a corner table and let your space be infused with natural living proponents.
• Himalayan Salt Lamp Is A Natural Living Proponent. Other Fans Of Himalayan Pinksalt Lamp Claim That The Negative Salt Ions Released By Heating Can Boost Blood Flow, Improve Sleep, Increase Levels Of Serotonin In The Brain, And Calm Allergy Or Asthma Symptoms.
• This Lamp Utilizes A Low Wattage Bulb And Does Not Draw A Great Deal Of Electricity. They Are Generally Safe To Leave On At All Times.
• Comes With A Bulb
• This Style Is Made From Natural Salt And The Cracks That Seem To Appear Are Just The Nature Of The Product And Not A Flaw. Every Piece Will Have A Different Look.
• Delivery Will Take 4-6 Business Days

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