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In today’s time, taking care of your mental and physical wellness has become the utmost need of the hour. By taking care of your needs consciously, you ultimately also take care of the environment. Personal care simply means taking care of yourself, it is the activity of looking after your hair, skin, personal needs, and etcetera. VAJOR, being a mindful marketplace that it is, provides the best personal care products available online in India.

It is very necessary to check the ingredients of the products we are currently using. Many times we don’t realize that these products contain high amounts of chemicals, which are harmful for your skin or hair or overall wellness. We have everything on the lines of personal care– ranging from bath and body care to everyday essentials. VAJOR believes in taking small steps towards bringing an impactful change and hence, has onboarded sustainable personal care brands such as Tinge, Seer Secrets, Imbue Natural, Almitra Sustainables, Tru Naturelle, etcetera. Our organic personal care products list goes on and so forth– Bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo earbuds, best intimate wash in India which is purely plant-based and chemical free, liquid hand wash, body cleanser, hair oil for hair fall and hair growth, lip balms, lip scrubs, clean beauty products,anti-ageing creams, moisturizers, body cleansers, face serums for glowing skin, sheet masks for rejuvenating your face, facial mists, natural loofah, soap bars, best anti cellulite oils for mothers and much more!

Explore the best of beauty care products for your CTM routine at affordable prices

What is the meaning of CTM in the beauty industry? It is an abbreviation for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. A CTM routine is considered to be an ideal skin care regime which can provide the best skin solutions. You should start with a cleanser, follow it up with a toner and lastly hydrate your skin with a moisturizer.

Women’s & Men’s Personal care products:

We deal in personal care products that are unisexual in nature. Meaning that we not only have cosmetics and personal care for females, but also we have personal care products for males. Be it Tinge by Sabrina Suhail’s lipsticks, Seer secret’s lip balms, Almitra’s bath and body essentials. We have something for everyone.

Best Intimate Care products in India for Women:

We are all aware that the vaginas are self-purgatory. However, the area outside the vagina also needs special care. Imbue Naturals is one such brand that deals in all natural, vegan and organic feminine wash products which cater to all your intimate care needs. It is also portable and comes handy for all your travel journeys. We also have Reusable razors for all the ladies out there which are made of natural ingredients such as bamboo and stainless steel.

Oral Hygiene Products:

Who doesn’t want a natural and toxin free dental care routine to keep their oral hygiene in check. From Bamboo toothbrushes, Kids toothbrushes, Bamboo toothbrushes with activated charcoal bristles to copper tongue cleaners, VAJOR has it all, and that too all things natural and earthy.

Skin and Hair Care:

We are not here to give you any healthy skin care tips, you have to try our skin care products in order to believe it. It’s time for you to bid goodbye to chemical-loaded face-care products and get top of the shelf, natural, organic and ayurvedic skin and hair care products available at affordable prices online in India.