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Best Hair Products Online

Let your hair do the talking!

Having healthy hair naturally is considered one of the most important signs of overall good health. Where genetics play a good part, but your diet, and the hair care products you use also matter when it comes to having healthy, shiny hair. Today, almost all hair products contain certain chemicals which are not suitable for our mane and will show their effects in the long run. But worry not! VAJOR has all the answers to what you need, i.e., luscious locks, without putting on toxic chemicals on your scalp. We have Indian hair care products which are sustainable, with ingredients that are suitable for your natural hair care.

How to take care of your hair?

Get started with a hair care routine involving simple yet effectivehair care tips such as

-Nourishing and giving your hair the strength they need with hair and care oils, hair masks and give hair massages once in a while.

-Cleansing hair with natural shampoo bars or organic shampoo

-Conditioning improves damaged hair and also offers little protection against UV rays

-Use hair and care oil once in a while as it helps in repairing damaged hair. But if you have an oily scalp, wash your oily hair more frequently.

If you follow these hair care tips at home, you are sure to maintain hair and up the levels of hair protein!

Hair Care Products for Women 

There are a plethora of options when it comes to hair & care products online. VAJOR is a marketplace which deals in all natural products. Below is the hair care products list-

-Anti-Hair fall Hair Oil

-Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

-Anti Frizz Hair Serum

-Hair Spray

-Neem Combs

-Shampoo Bars

-Bhringraj Hair Oil

-Hair & Care Oils

-Hair Masque