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  1. Amayra Naturals

    Mosquito Repellent - 50Ml
    Special Price ₹225 Regular Price ₹250
  2. Amayra Naturals

    Gauri- Turmeric Haldi Water - 100Ml
    Special Price ₹359 Regular Price ₹399
  3. Amayra Naturals

    Ghritkumari- Face Gel - 100Gm
    Special Price ₹539 Regular Price ₹599
  4. Amayra Naturals

    Nyra Face Wash Powder - 25Gm
    Special Price ₹563 Regular Price ₹625
  5. Amayra Naturals

    Kausheya- Mango Butter & Grapefruit Face And Body Creme - 100Gm
    Special Price ₹1,259 Regular Price ₹1,399
  6. Amayra Naturals

    Ziya Vitamin C Serum - 30Ml
    Special Price ₹1,304 Regular Price ₹1,449
  7. Amayra Naturals

    Mridyati Face Oil - 30Ml
    Special Price ₹1,529 Regular Price ₹1,699

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Shop for Skin Care Products

Wondering how to take care of your skin in this weather? We are here to give you healthy skin tips which will be the best skin solution ever to your dull and dreary skin. In today’s time, taking care of skin is an utmost and an essential part of your CTM routine. Where face products and skin care products actually benefit your skin, there are other things such as hydrating your body at regular intervals and following a proper diet involving healthy,organic foods which also gives a visible result. Apart from that, following a skincare routine diligently is also what should be kept in mind while doing face care and you can get healthy, glowing skin.

With a wide range of natural, vegan skincare products starting from face oils, cleansers, Vitamin C serum, anti-aging creams to face creams, face washes, moisturizers and lip balms,VAJOR deals in all things natural and clean beauty. Be it skincare for men or for women, we have skincare solutions for every skin type, whether it is oily skin or dry skin. The best part of VAJOR is that we have the best skincare brands which provide natural, skin-friendly and the best skincare products online that are mostly suitable for all skin types. Some of the organic skincare brands in India which are sustainable are Seer Secrets, Tru Naturelle, Amayra Naturals, Oils of Oak, and many more.

Healthy Skincare Tips

As said above, to get a natural glowing skin, you should follow a basic skincare routine and you are sure to have a supple, radiant skin in no time. Some of the tips include-

  1. Keeping yourself hydrated enough so that there is a natural glow from the inside.
  2. Following a healthy diet.
  3. Always wearing sunscreen while stepping out.
  4. Following a Cleanse, Tone, Serum and Moisturize Routine at least twice a day to see visible effects on your skin.