February brings in an air of old world charm into the atmosphere. A poetic, “Romani” mood washes over as days grow longer and nights grow shorter, as you feel the warmth of the Sun on your skin and head out to dig all those dresses and outfits that let you breathe the summer Sun! Our collection “Romani” embodies this very mood. From off-the-shoulder dresses, to those summery strappy jumpsuits, Romani is comprised of fit and flared silhouettes that let you breathe, staying true to Vajor’s body positive ideology. To be able to dress anyone and everyone that doesn't fall into the “perfect body” category is what Vajor has always aimed to be and to let everyone enjoy the summer season like never before truly reflects in the summer collection... Engulf in vibrant, elegant clothing that speaks of beautiful amalgamation between bright striking checks with soothing off-whites that takes you into winding sunlit lanes effortlessly.