• Self-love needs to be manifested holistically. It's not merely about your body or appearance. It is equally about your mental well being, spiritual awareness and emotional well being. It is about taking care of your whole self instead of pampering your body alone through materialistic things. It is about achieving a more permanent state of happiness rather than short-lived gratifications.
  • How long can you go on without considering if you love yourself? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, "I love you." Self-love is way above just loving yourself. It is self-awareness over anything else. It's accepting yourself as a work in progress. It means embracing the whole of you and not just as you are but embracing the fact that you will change and grow every day because that is the beauty of it.

    It is constantly working on your self, your body, your habits, your way of life. It is not selfish! It is keeping yourself a priority by doing what you love, knowing what drives your heart and doing a lot of it. Because if you don't love yourself, then you may find someone who will but, it won't ever be as beautiful as you loving yourself!
  • One essential aspect of self-love is the understanding that its not only about consuming but, more about creating. One need not be a learned artist to create something. Be it music, art, photography, dance, writing or any other form of indulgences, it is important to create something on your own to express what is inside you.

    You need to share it with the world, it could be little phrases your write in your diary every night or your sketchbook full of random strokes and doodles, know that it is important to let it out through one medium at the least. Merely watching your favourite documentary or attending art exhibits will not fulfill your creative soul. Know that you yourself are a creator and hone it.