V.Rise FAQs

1. What is the V.Rise Program?

V.Rise is an opportunity for all those who wish to associate with Vajor, sell our products and experiences, get exclusive access to our experiences and earn seed points and monetary benefits! Our program is free to join, with no hidden costs.

2. How can I join the V.Rise program?

Becoming a part of the V.Rise Program is easy.

Step:1 – Signup for the V.Rise program

Step:2 – Our team will process your application and revert to you in 3 working days

Step:3 – Once your application gets approved, we will update you over the email id provided by you in the sign-up form!

And that sums it up, you are ready to start!

3. How do I benefit from V.Rise?
  • Once you become a member, the program allows you to earn seed points and monetary benefits for every purchase and sale you made happen!
  • Get Vajor products and exclusive travel experiences.
  • Earn more when you sell more. Get up to 30% of your total sales.
  • For every commission you earn on each sale - 60% goes to your earned seed points and the remaining 40% to your earned cash
4. What are seed points? How and when can I redeem my seed points?

Under V.Rise, there is no limit to your earnings. For every sale you make, you will earn 60% of your commission as seed points. You can redeem these seed points when you purchase a product or an experience from us. Although, the purchases you make using your seed points will not be eligible for commission. 2 seed points = Re.1.
Note: You can redeem your points only on the website

5. What are monetary benefits? How and when can I redeem them?

For every sale that you make, you earn 40% of your total commission as Awarded Cash. Monetary benefits are your cash earnings that will reflect on your dashboard. This can be transferred to your bank account as per the bank details provided by you, given you have a minimum of INR 2500 or more in your Awarded Cash. You will be notified on the same through email/dashboard. There is also a provision where you may convert your cash into seed points.

6. Can I transfer my Awarded Cash to my bank account?

Awarded Cash can be transferred to your bank account as per your given bank details. For this, you must have a minimum of 2500/- or more in your Awarded Cash. A user must request a balance-transfer to bank account from their respective dashboard. The bank transfer will be processed in the first week of every month. You will be notified on the same through email as well as a dashboard notification.

Note: We will not be able to transfer the money until you raise a request or don’t provide the bank details.

7. How much can I earn through this program?

You can earn seed points and monetary benefits through V.Rise as per the below structure:

0 - 250010%
2501 - 550018%
5501 - Above25%

Please note: Benefits would be visible on the dashboard based on your Sale Amount. Canceled/Returned orders would not be eligible for calculations.

8. What are collected points/cash?

These are the seed points and cash that will reflect against each order under ‘collected points’ till your order completes the cycle and gets delivered successfully.

9. What are active points/cash?

Active points/cash are your actual earnings that reflect in your wallet against all successfully delivered orders after they complete the cycle.

10. How will Vajor support me to make more sales?

As a V.Rise member, you will have access to our “product lookbooks” through your dashboard. All you need to do is log in and go to “Creative Bank”. All images and videos available here are download-able and share-able across major platforms. Also, we will provide you a link and a referral code through which your sales will be identified.

11. How can i refer a friend and track my referrals?

You can refer a friend and track your referrals on your account dashboard. It will reflect in your dashboard panel whenever a sales conversion is made through your referral link/code. You can access the overview of these conversions on the Dashboard section and have a detailed analysis in the Reports section. Also, if your referred friend makes a purchase, you get an additional 5% commission.

12. What are the modes of payments available?

V.Rise Program pays members through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) or RTGS and you can also send us an email at [email protected]

13. What are the required billing details for receiving the payments?

You can enter your billing details by presenting us the following required fields:

  • Payee/Company Name: Name of the Bank Account Holder
  • Account Number: Bank Account number where payments will be transferred
  • Bank Name: Name of bank where above Account is present
  • PAN Number