Vajor Humane

Time and again, Vajor has expressed its love and beliefs towards nature & animals. As a conscious new age brand, we feel very deeply about nurturing & co-existing with our surroundings and aim to be a support to ones who are less blessed and need more of a social upliftment. With this spirit we have initiated Vajor Humane. Through our Humane section, we aim to build a sustainable society and give you an opportunity to do your share of good too.

We aim to develop Vajor Humane as a platform where people come together for the greater good. It is never too late to do a good deed and so, we urge you to participate. With this intention at heart, let's make our purchases much more meaningful. All the proceeds of your purchases from Vajor Humane section will go to animal welfare & more such causes..

  1. Muria Art Dress
    Muria Art Dress
  2. Koi Mayura Tshirt
    Koi Mayura Tshirt
  3. Koi Mayura Dress
    Koi Mayura Dress
  4. Koi Deer Dhoti
    Koi Deer Dhoti